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MeshTripleChain 1.0

With the launch of its team in 2018, MeshTripleChain quickly grew.
Today, MeshTripleChain has released version 1.0 with continuous upgrades, making it one of the fastest evolving blockchains in the world.
However, MeshTripleChain has evolved beyond a simple block chain to form a single network by connecting various block chain platforms.
And MeshTripleChain continues to grow, bringing existing know-how to the blockchain infrastructure and presenting an innovative system that can help develop the blockchain ecosystem.

Easy-to-use Infrastructure.

MeshTripleChain Team created the most practical, reliable blockchain connect network MeshTripleChain.
This is MeshTripleChain's slogan to lead the popularization of blockchain.

What Do We Do?

We want to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency market and everyday consumers.
We'll bring it into the mainstream by removing the barriers to access, and by helping people trust and understandwhat we believe to be the future of blockchain.